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Optima Bed

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Your kids can live forever in the Disney World!

Imagine your kids driving in their dreams to the magical world of Disney. Imagine Mickey Mouse teaching a lesson or two at the study table. Brimming with pop colors and stuffed with multifunctional assets, Yipi offers you a lot more than furniture that is simply cute or funny. We offer you the imagination of Disney in the present time through furniture that has been well thought through in terms of design, safety, and function.

Recreating the iconic cartoon magic with furniture, we understand that beyond style, a kid’s space needs care. We keep in mind the simplest of things, like how to go with round edges to avoid random injuries; we test our beds for 1000 jumps before handing it to you; the fabric is kept as soft as possible, and alkoyd free paint that we use negligibly.

Yipizone is the brand for your child's needs. Whether you have a baby just born, a toddler ready to fly to pre-school, a kid who’s exploring his/her creative side, or a teenager so cool that he/she doesn’t settle for anything simple; we have something for all.

Sturdy, durable, functional, and vibrant furniture, oozing bright, playful colors that are every kid’s favorite. Let’s decorate your little one’s childhood with Disney theme. At Yipizone, explore all options made with the best of material and designs of the Disney world and make their space no less than a fairytale!